The Santa Cruz Mycoflora Project

A Comprehensive Reference to the Macrofungi of Santa Cruz County

Genus: Clitopilus

Family: Entolomataceae

Clitopilus hobsonii

Clitopilus hobsonii

Clitopilus hobsonii Clitopilus nitellinus Clitopilus prunulus

Known Species in the County

Approximately 3 species in Santa Cruz County.

Clitopilus Records from Santa Cruz County:

Clitopilus are relatively obscure members of the Entolomataceae, differing significantly in spore shape and to a lesser degree, macro features. The two species in our area are rather different from one another, making generalizations about the genus difficult; the species are best learned individually. Both species are thought to be saprobic, but we think that their ecology warrants further research.

Important identification characters include overall coloration, stature, odor, and spore shape.